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Gilroy Has Always Been Known For Its Garlic

And we are now forging forward to bring a touch of technology to this hot, vibrant climate. Garlic Press Technologies has a true spice for digital life. Our products are unique, custom-tailored to their niches and easy to use.

Our first grocery list app for Android: Budget Cart PRO/LITE is a revolutionary step forward for in-store budget management. We have many more projects nearing completion in a variety of unique markets.

Garlic Press Technologies Is A Different Kind Of Company 

Garlic Press Technologies Builds Products From The Ground Up

1. Initial Idea

We are never short of amazing ideas here at Garlic Press Technologies. Our first product, Budget Cart, a grocery list app, started life as a series of yellow scratch papers and floating ideas.

2. Feasibility Study

Once an idea for a product or solution meets the metric for proceeding further, a feasibility study is enacted. We study the marketplace for similar products and look for strategic niche-arbitrage, or more simply put: can we produce a product that stands by itself and provides a unique and/or better solution? If so, the concept continues to the next phase of our process.

3. Sourcing Talent

While it is our goal to source local talent for our projects, occasionally we must source professional talent through a variety of online channels. Every single facet of the proposed product or solution must be adequately staffed and talent vetted on a per-module basis. In short: we want only the best people doing their best work at what they do best.

4. Development

Once we have sourced the proper talent to move forward with our concept, development begins! Each module (an individual part of a product/concept) is assigned a team lead and a list of criteria to be met as the timeline moves forward. Team leads are responsible for quality control and maintaining order and functionality to the established parameters required for coding and future integration into the whole.


Once each team lead signs off on his/her part of the project, a full-scale beta test of the application is initiated. Once enough data has been accumulated to verify the product or concept’s functionality, we release the product to the marketplace.

Garlic Press Technologies Captures The Simplicity Of Life In Our Products

We are always farming new ideas

“The air of Provence was particularly perfumed by the refined essence of this mystically attractive bulb.” – Alexandre Dumas, on Garlic.