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Look To Us For Inspiration

Garlic Press Technologies is a small, private company located in the heart of Gilroy. All designs are done in-house from initial concept to quality assurance and beta testing.

Why Gilroy, you might ask? It’s simple: we believe a friendly community with a rural heritage to be proud of is the perfect place to setup our company. We wish to give back to our neighbors by bringing new forms of growth and opportunities to the area.

We are Garlic Press Technologies, Inc. We bring a digital spice to life!

Pressing out ideas with gusto

We invite you to walk down our path.

Say Hello To The Garlic Press Team.

Wayne Lim
Wayne LimCo-Founder and Marketing Director
Wayne Lim brings a wealth of industry experience and entrepreneurship to Garlic Press Technologies. Wayne has single-handedly bootstrapped four businesses from scratch and has a wealth of knowledge spanning from the early days at Yahoo Inc. to current, successful independent business owner. Wayne’s breadth of marketing experience and industry ties are vital to the continued success of the company.
Marketing Experience 100%
Digital Development 90%
Patrick Flautt
Patrick FlauttCo-Founder and Lead Developer
Patrick Flautt brings his unique perspective on how technology should interface with people in harmony. Having worked in many start-ups and now having co-founded Garlic Press Technologies, Patrick is at his best when he is challenged. He is the driving factor behind which products are selected for development and which opportunities should be pursued in the future.
Project Management 96%
Web Design 80%
Brian Tailor
Brian TailorUI/UX Experience Designer
Brian Tailor brings over 8+ years of graphical user interface knowledge to Garlic Press Technologies. Brian helps bring a simple and intuitive feel to our applications. You can tell he stands behind his work every step of the way.
UI/UX Design 95%
Javascript 86%

We believe that people are the product.

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