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For immediate release 10/27/16 

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Garlic Press Technologies Incorporates New Vision

Garlic Press Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that a strategic new direction has been chosen for the company. “Garlic Press Technologies plans to utilize new synergies in enterprise and private cooperative ventures,” says Patrick Flautt, co-founder and lead designer at Garlic Press Technologies.

“Companies these days have to be quick and mobile to succeed in this new business climate – many companies of our size are out of business within the year.” “But”, quipped Patrick, “We strongly believe we are strategically positioned for continued sizeable growth in the next two years.”

Last year, one out of three businesses had to file for bankruptcy in the mobile technology market. Such bankruptcies are not uncommon in an industry with significantly less barriers to entry. But Garlic Press Technologies, Inc.’s strategy to leverage both artificial and normative means to co-equalize the lagging inefficiency drains that face most of their competitors, is putting Garlic Press Technologies on the map.

According to Dr. Bernard Festernook, of Festernook & Sons Analysis Services, “Often, the very best defense against negative synergistic externalities, such companies like Garlic Press face, is an immediate and strong long term plan focused on image retention.”

Garlic Press Technologies Inc. is a private company located in the heart of Gilroy, California.

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