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Our Products

Budget Cart PRO

I also come in LITE!

Our revolutionary in-store budget monitoring system, Budget Cart, puts the user in total control of their spending in an intuitive, effective way. Users have the option of using Budget Cart in a simple calculator-like mode or in an advanced mode that offers live statistics, active data export, and store category management detail. Budget Cart helps save people money daily.

The Budget Home Plus PC software linking suite is currently in development and will provide a fully-synced mobile application-to-desktop budget tracking system allowing for easy income to expense/per-store expense tracking.

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Social Blast

Social Blast!

The world’s first responsive social content injection platform. You can add digital media, edit media, schedule posts, and interact with others in a more collaborative way than has been done in the past.

From top to bottom, Social Blast is custom-designed for a 13-24 target age range. Social Blast goes beyond what other content platforms currently offer and does this in a way that is unique and inspiring. Social Blast is designed to bring people together more cohesively while enabling them to collaborate and create new content together. 

Social Blast is the next generation in social media expression. 

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