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Is your website mobile friendly?

The world has changed. Your customers are going to use a mobile device first to find your business online.

A mobile friendly and functional website is key to your business standing out among the rest.

Garlic Press Technologies understands this. A recent study by Google came to this conclusion about the importance of mobile friendly websites:

If you want to reach people on mobile, you’ve got to start with the basics — a mobile site. Though it seems obvious, this study found that 96% of consumers have encountered sites that weren’t designed with mobile in mind. It also found that when it happens, it can be bad for business — 48% reported feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Are you offering your customers the solutions they want?

If you are a restaurant, your customers are going to want to order online via your website and probably with a mobile device.

Offer Users Full Functionality Aligned With Your Business Niche

Whether your business is a restaurant, an architecture firm, a pest control company or one of thousands of other types of businesses, one trend will remain the same in this modern age: your customers are going to be looking for your business on a mobile device and will want comparative functionality on your website that allows them to interact with your business and schedule its services. Garlic Press Technologies can help you do just that.

Is your website SEO optimized?

Making sure that your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) is key for your business's success online

If your customers cant find you easily, they will use one of your competitors instead

Garlic Press Technologies can help you deploy a website that features embedded SEO solutions custom-tailored to every page. Technology is constantly changing in the search world, and yesterday’s keywords are now today’s keyword phrases. We can help copyright and isolate the most useful keyword phrases to associate with your unique web-page content, to ensure that you are reaching your potential customers organically via search engines, and not relying on continually spending advertising money on Google or Facebook.

Some Of Our Previous Projects

Garlic Press Technologies believes that a well designed, functional, and Mobile-ready website is key to your business’s success.

The difference can be like night and day…

Your website before Garlic Press Technologies...After Garlic Press Technologies does its magic!

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